Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Toyota Agya - Daihatsu Ayla : The Dynamic Duo

Collaborate of two giant car industries Toyota-Daihatsu unveiled their twin city cars, Toyata Agya and Daihatsu Ayla at IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show) 2012.
Although this is not the first time, these two industries collaborated together. That's remind us of successful of Toyata Avanza - Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Rush - Daihatsu Terios became a best seller in Indonesia.

Agya and Ayla is designed to follow up the government regulations of LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) policy programs, if the regulation has been decided by the government, both cars can be sold from IDR 75 million up to IDR 105 million.

These Dynamic Duo powered by 3 cylinder 1.0litre (1KR-FE coded) 998 cc engine DOHC Fuel Injection, produce power 65hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque 86nm at 3.600rpm, with 5 speed M/T and 4 speed A/T.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

BMW i8 Spyder

BMW i8 Spyder is celebrating its world premiere at the Auto China 2012 in Beijing (23 April – 2 May 2012)
BMW i8 Spyder is a "Metamorphosis" from the previous BMW i8 and BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. Powered by a 96kW (131hp) electric motor in front and a 164kW (223hp) turbocharged 3-cylinder gas engine in back.That is enough to accelerate the BMW i8 Spyder from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5 seconds and consumes 3 liters per 100 km (62 miles) on average, with 30 kilometres (19 miles) of autonomy on electric power alone. 

BMW is also making official the "eDrive" name for the new technology. In future, the designation eDrive will identify the drive technology for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars from BMW i.


Engine : 3-cylinder 1.5 liter petrol engine 164kW (Rear) in rear
                electric motor 96kW
Dimension : 4480mm (L) X 1922mm (W) X 1208mm (H)
Max Torque : 550 Nm (300Nm petrol engine + 250 Nm electric motor)
Driving Mode : electric, petrol, or both engines at once
Max Speed : 250 km/h (155 mph)
0-100km/h (62mph) : 5.0 seconds
80-120 km/h (50-75 mph) : 4.0 seconds
Weight : 1,630 kg / 3,600 lbs
Electric Range : 27-30 km (17-19 miles)
Battery Charge Time : 1.45hrs
Fuel Consumption : 3 litre/100km (78 MPG)
Luggage Storage : 100 litres
Weight Distribution : 50:50
Production : 2014
Price : USD 150,000 (Estimate)

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New Peugeot 107

I like that se-xy 107 : I mean the car  ^_^
At Epicentrum Kuningan Jakarta, last May, PT. Astra International Peugeot intoroduced the New Peugeot 107. This latest city car made an improvement from the previous version, to matching urban youth generations who wants to look sporty, dynamic, and modern.

This French's imported car appears with minor improvement (facelift), and some addition of LED daytime light combined with floating grill made this car looks more stylish.

3430mm (L) X 1630mm (W) X 1470mm (H) for the dimension, plus 2340mm wheelbase made this city car becomes flexible on the high traffic jam in a big cities of Indonesia.
Powered by 3 cylinder 998 cc combined with 2-Tronic transmision technology, produce propulsive force of 68hp at 6000rpm, max torque 93Nm at 3600rpm and 157 Km/h of maximum speed.

Safety features equipped with ABS (Anti-lock braking system), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), Electronic Assist Power Steering, Cornering Stability Control, Driver and Passanger Front Airbags, Engine Immobilizer, Pedestarian Impact, Reinforced Safety Cage, Front Seatbelt with Force Limiting Pre-tentioners, and 3 Point Rear Seatbelt

To adding a convenience of the driver, New Peugeot 107 Tools Up with A/C, Radio, MP3, internal adjustable door mirrors, power window, central locking remote control, and also "paddle shift" behind the steer, to facilitate cars driver to shifting gears manually with finger.

Price : IDR 184.9 Million (off the road)
Engine: 998 cc 3 cylinder, 1.0L/68hp/93Nm
Transmission : A/T 2-Tronic
Dimension : 3430mm (L) X 1630mm (W) X 1470mm (H)
Wheelbase : 2340mm
0-100Km/h : 13.7 sec
Max Speed : 157 Km/h
Fuel Consumption : 27.9Km/litre
Emision CO2 : 99gram/Km (EURO 5 Standard)
Safety Features : NCAP 4 Stars
Colour : Plum, Scarlet Red, Electro Blue, Citrus Yellow, and Caldera Black

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arrinera Supercar

Arrinera Automotive SA, a small automotive manufacturer based in the city of Warsaw, the capital city of Poland has launched an Arrinera Supercar prototype for 2013 years.

With Lee Noble, the British entrepreneur who is also an automotive practition and car designer, as an idea giver for the high strength steel for the construction chassis of this car.While the Polish's car designer, Pavlo Burkatsky took the responsibility for the exterior and interior of this black concentrated sportscar.

Although its not very popular in a circle of sportscar lover, this Arrinera deserves a "thumbs up", and many called this car as "a Lambo Wannabe", because it is similiar to a blends from Aventandor and Murcielagio of Lamborgini.

Specifications :

Base Price : US$160,000
Engine : V8 6.2L 650hp
Max Torque : 820Nm
Dimension : 4450 (L) x 2056 (W) x 1190 (H)
Gearbox : Graziano
Weight : 1300Kg
0-100 km/h: 3.2 s
0-200 km/h: 8.9 s
0-200-0 km: 14.3 s
Max Speed : 340 Km/h
G force in curves: 1.3G
Suspension : independent multi-link
Brakes : Ventilated Disc (F 350mm / R 330mm)
Production : Early 2013

Monday, September 10, 2012

Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish : Specification and Price

This mid year, Aston Martin unveiled the brand new AM 310 Vanquish. The car originally debuted as the AM 310 concept, replacing the One-77 as the companies flagship, the car itself has a new design elements, as well as incorporating some of the old classic look that Aston Martin is stands for.

The power of Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish comes from a 6.0 liter V12 engine 565-hp at 6,750 rpm with a maximum torque of 457 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. Mated to a rear-mid mounted, 6-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic/sequential manual gearbox, 0 to 62 mph comes in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 183 mph.

The power of Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish comes from a 6.0 liter V12 engine 565-hp at 6,750 rpm with a maximum torque of 457 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. Mated to a rear-mid mounted, 6-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic/sequential manual gearbox, 0 to 62 mph comes in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 183 mph.

Specifications and Price: